Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Few Good Men

Today it hit me again how unbalanced ministry can be. Sometimes everything goes right and you see tons of fruit. Sometimes it all falls apart. That is the balanced part surprisingly.

But with International Ministry it seems like its a little hard to find guys to be involved. I've been praying ever since our first leadership retreat with Bridges and seeing myself as the only guy in the room of about 20 who was younger and male. It seems to be a hard sell, since international ministry in the US is more on the "nurturing" side of things. Naturally that lends itself to more ladies being involved, wanting to get coffee, share feelings and experiences and going to aerobics classes with these foreign friends. I've really enjoyed it so far and its really not's just what may be a false perception.

No, you probably cant hang out in the same ways as you could if you did ministry and it might be a little harder to joke around in the same ways with them. But International students have things that the average UNC student don't. Like a work ethic (I'm comparing them to myself in college). And like a perspective outside of life in the States. So it ends up being great talking with these guys who have a ton to offer me as a guy whose job it is to minister to them!

This is meant to be a thinly veiled recruiting ploy to get some guys who may be secretly reading this to consider reaching out to some awesome international students and joining us with Bridges! Or if you are a girl and know a guy who spends too much time playing Guitar Hero and needs something to do...hit me up! We're just looking for a few good men...

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