Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I recently saw that episode of "The Office" where Ryan the Temp helped office oddball and creep, Creed Bratton "create" a "blog" by simply opening up a Word document for him on his computer. The whole intent was so that the world would be spared from Creed's crazy/delusional/scary thoughts and blog posts. It made for a pretty comical scene until I realized something. Strangely it just donned on my that my brother had done the same thing to me years ago and that it was possible that my old blog, "Daniel's blog" may have never made it to the interwebs.

As I investigated further, I realized I had been duped and decided to actually start letting everyone else in on some things going on with my life, now that I have friends who are getting all married and moving away. Also since I have some friends on 2 different continents from my time in Asia, it might be a good way to stay in touch with them as well...well aside from calling them or emailing them directly.

Anyways, a word to those who dare read. Unfortunately I wont be posting any baby pictures unless they are someone else's baby or unless I decide to adopt. Which has always been a funny thought to me. What if I just adopted some 12 year old kid? How would society react? Would I be able to handle him beating me in video games? Would I try to dominate him in sports like I would with my brother back in the day? Would I be tempted to sell the rights of this strange adoption to a movie agency? (I think yes). But I digress...just know if you are looking for pictures of cute toddlers, this is not the blog for that.

What you can expect are some hard-hitting ministry updates, stories from around my house of 4 mid-twenties men all of whom are male models (ok, not really, but its in our 5 year plans), and maybe if I get emotional, some sort of inspirational stuff I steal from John Piper or his friends and can pawn off as my own thoughts. And maybe some embarassing pictures of me being taunted by my 12 year old adopted son after he beats me in Madden.

Thanks so much for those of you who pray for me! Thanks also to those who read this whole first post!


  1. haha! i can't believe you have a blog!

  2. after reading what i can expect to see on this blog.... I AM EXCITED! haha way to go daniel!